Saturday, November 29, 2008

Game Amazing Adventures Around The World

Amazing Adventures The Lost Tomb was released late last year and quickly became a must-have hidden objects title. The authentic theme, fun gameplay, and quality story made for an unforgettable experience. The next game in the series, Amazing Adventures Around the World, has just been released and everything that was great about its predecessor has only been improved. With the same addictive gameplay and a brand new riveting story, get ready for the greatest adventure that you'll have all year!

Last time, you were searching for Egypt's famous Lost Tomb. This time, the target is even bigger and more elusive: the long sought-after World Diamond. It's the most expensive, cherished gem in the world and the only clue to its whereabouts is an ancient tablet that was destroyed years ago. You will have to travel the globe, collecting and reassembling each piece of the stone tablet if you're ever going to discover where the diamond is located. You'll scour the world as you rise up the ranks, but for now you're just a lowly explorer in Greece. Think you can make it further?

Around the World is primarily a hidden objects game. Each mission, of which there are 25, requires you to find a handful of items in whatever locale you are currently visiting. Like all products of the sort, you have hints to use and clicking too many times in the wrong spot will deduct points. It costs five thousands points to use a hint (which you can do each time the bar fills back up) and one thousands points for too many incorrect clicks in quick succession. Of course, finding items will give you points and finding them quickly will earn you even more.

After finding all of the objects, you'll need to complete one more puzzle to finish the mission. There's quite a bit of variety here. In one stage I was given a side by side comparison, similar to a "spot the difference" puzzle, but instead I had to replace certain items that were missing from either side. In another stage, I had to swap tiles in order to recreate an image on the left of the screen. You never know just what puzzle you'll get and that keeps you on your toes and makes the gameplay fresh.

Finally, as a nice little bonus, after completing each mission you'll be rewarded with facts and trivia about the place you just visited. I'm a firm believer in using games to help education, so I think this is a always a nice touch.

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