Sunday, May 3, 2009

Neighbors From Hell game

Despite the disappointment of a rather short campaign, Neighbors From Hell is still worth a look for any strategy or puzzle game fan.

The premise of Neighbors From Hell centers on Woody, who is the star of a reality-based television show. As Woody, you must sneak into the house of your oafish-looking neighbor and play as many practical jokes on him as possible, all while remaining undetected. With each successful joke, the television ratings for that particular show will climb--you'll need to reach a minimum ratings threshold before the mission is considered complete.

With 2D graphics that remain fixed at a resolution of 800x600, Neighbors From Hell isn't the most technically impressive game, but it doesn't need to be. The art style is appropriately quirky and comical for a game based on practical jokes. Fans of the Wallace & Gromit short films will certainly appreciate the look and feel of Neighbors From Hell and its characters, who appear cartoonish, almost claymation-like. The game's sound also gets the job done without too much flashiness; the characters talk in a Sims-style gibberish, while the music tracks and laugh tracks remind you that you're playing a television show.

Aside from the premise, Neighbors From Hell's presentation also takes a cue from Spy vs. Spy. Your viewpoint consists of a cutaway, cross-sectional view of your neighbor's house. This means you can always keep an eye on what your neighbor is doing in the next room or on a different floor as you sneak around in another portion of the house. The developers of the game have also included a useful "thought bubble" feature in the bottom left of the screen that helps you keep tabs on your neighbor. If you're moving about the kitchen and you see the thought bubble change to a cup of coffee, you know you will need to clear out of the kitchen quickly, lest you get caught and beaten up by your neighbor.


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