Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Monopoly: Build-a-lot Edition v1.0

The housing market just got a huge boost with MONOPOLY Build-a-lot Edition, the exciting new title in the hit strategy series that lets you own it all by combining one of the most popular board games of all time with the hottest casual real estate game!

Just when you thought that the fun of Build-a-lot could not be topped, out comes Mr. MONOPOLY and offers you the opportunity to play home improvement with the MONOPOLY properties you've come to love throughout the years. From the simple streets of Baltic Ave., to the suburban neighborhoods of Illinois Ave., to the bustling streets of Boardwalk, discover all of the classic locations and work your magic to maximize curb appeal. Even the old railroads need a little bit of your touch!

For the first time ever on MONOPOLY properties, use an abundant supply of resources to construct new homes, create beautiful parks, and establish the utilities plus much more. With a new coat of paint, some extra landscaping and special home upgrades, the neighborhoods will light right up. Those plots of rundown houses and empty lots you see will soon be but a memory. And remember, the more pride of ownership you instill, the higher your monthly income will be.

Game features:
-MONOPOLY and Build-a-lot together for the first time!
-Build on all your favorite classic MONOPOLY properties
-Make deals, construct hotels, plan neighborhoods & more!
-Earn Trophies for completing missions in two fun modes for all ages
-Build, buy, sell and and flip MONOPOLY properties the Build-a-lot way!

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